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NameSpace is the leader in Direct Navigation, providing advertisers with brand protection in the browser address bar since 2001.  Thousands of leading global brand-conscious eCommerce companies rely on NameSpace as an integral part of their online advertising strategies. Our solution directly navigates more than 40 million internet consumers to advertiser web pages when Brand names and products are typed into the browser address bar.  NameSpace is currently partnered with over 40 ISP partners across 13 countries – and growing.  Enabled at the network level, via these ISP partnerships, NameSpace allows advertisers to provide their customers with a superior “Brand navigation experience” in a continually changing and highly competitive eCommerce environment.

How many people type non-DNS names and products
into the address bar?

NameSpace handles 60 million+ non-DNS queries a day.

A simple concept: a superior user experience equates direct navigation with higher conversions

NameSpace adds a layer of “Brand Protection” at the address bar level ensuring that your Brand names typed into the address bar reach your website.  NameSpace provides your Brand with a 100% click-through rate, versus auto-search result pages where users may be lured away by your competitor’s listing or decide to do some “looking around.”  They may click on your sponsored link or they may click on a link that they think is your brand but is not.  In fact, over 75% of consumers have a “bad brand experience” when they back up and retype or spend time looking for your site.  NameSpace directly navigates the user to your website – simply, easily, quickly and without distraction. Consumers reach your website in fewer clicks, keeping your Brand at the front of their minds, and navigating to your site ready to buy.

NameSpace is based in Topsfield, Massachusetts, with data center operations in Boston and San Francisco.


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Learn what happens when an online consumer types your Brand or product names (or mis-spellings or DNS Syntax errors thereof) into the ADDRESS BAR?

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