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Direct Navigation

NameSpace partners with Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to provide Brand Protection from within the address bar via Direct Navigation to the Brand’s website

What does NameSpace do?

When a consumer types non-DNS queries such as “amazon shoes” (brand term), “amazzon” (mis-spelling), or “” (DNS syntax error) into the address bar our ISP partner directly navigates the consumer to the Brand’s website via NameSpace direct navigation.

NameSpace direct navigation provides a superior consumer experience by ensuring:

  • Consumer intent is fulfilled in one click
  • Consumer navigates to intended site (better experience)
  • Consumer reaches the Brand’s shopping cart faster and is more likely to make a purchase

Direct Navigation with NameSpace

Without NameSpace

Without NameSpace, ISPs navigate consumers to ISP-flavored search result pages or a 404 error page.

  • Consumer is navigated to a search results page
  • Lose consumer, who may not click on Amazon link (buried 6 entries deep below)
  • May not reflect your SEO strategy
  • Backing-up to re-type is a bad Brand experience
  • Brands must buy or bid on keywords for placement

Unlike Search, NameSpace DOES NOT buy or bid on keywords.

WIthout NameSpace Direct Navigation


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Direct Navigation

Learn what happens when an online consumer types your Brand or product names (or mis-spellings or DNS Syntax errors thereof) into the ADDRESS BAR?

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